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We saw this over on Boing Boing and thought we should share it. PledgeBank is a simple idea for people who want to achieve something, but are worried that it's too big a job to tackle solo. Say you want to get a group of like minded people together to recreate Blakes 7 set in a motorway service station* but are worried that you'd be the only one dressed up as Avon (or worse seven people would arrive all dressed up as Avon - damn he was cool) then you can use PledgeBank.

That said it's actually being used for a range of much more interesting ideas and serious topics. Agreeing to refuse a UK identity card seems to be the current favourite pledge, but if you want to organise a school run or to tidy up a stretch of your neighbourhood then this is also the place to get organised. It works by hooking you up with like minded people:

connecting you with other people who also want to make a change, but who don't want the personal risk of being the only person to turn up to a meeting or the only person to donate ten pounds to a cause that actually needed a thousand. The way it works is simple. You create a pledge which has the basic format 'I'll do something, but only if other people will pledge to do the same thing'.

It's still in Beta, but the more people they get involved at this stage then the better the final service will be so check it out.

*too late: Blakes Junction 7 and yes that is Johnny Vegas as Blake in the toilets.

Last Updated 14 June 2005