Perform With Patti

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Perform With Patti

Over the next few weeks Londonist will be trying to cover the goings on over at Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival in as much detail as we can. Bear in mind though that there's a lot going on and we've only got so many pairs of hands (plus some of us are off to Glastonbury next week and we can't be in two festivals at once!).

We are particularly looking forward to the William Burroughs tribute which is happening tonight however, and Television next week has got us all excited too.

Something which we're also hoping to get to is 'The Word and Patti' event this Saturday afternoon.

Billed as "an afternoon of live poetry and performance stimulated by Patti Smith's Meltdown" there will be readings, discussions and performances on some Patti Smith fav's such as William Blake and the Beats.

The real draw though (depending on how extroverted you are) will be the opportunity for a bit of public interaction, i.e. getting up on stage in front of Patti Smith et al and doing your bit.

If you're brave enough to want to take part then you can apply by emailing the organisers here and make sure to include a brief biography and details of exactly what you'd like to perform.

Who knows, you might end up landing a guest spot on Patti's next album.

Last Updated 16 June 2005