NorthSouthEastWest Exhibition

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NorthSouthEastWest Exhibition

If you missed the NorthSouthEastWest photographic exhibition at the Science Museum earlier this year then you should definitely try and catch it in Trafalgar Square this week.

The project, which is currently touring the world, brings togther some of the world’s top photographers to "to spell out the effects of climate change on the lives of ordinary people".

Thankfully, this is not just lots of pictures of ice-caps. NSEW takes a much more diverse approach to an issue which sometimes gets oversimplified in the general media; and as a result it includes some genuinely affecting images of cities, rice fields, townships, islands, people (and, yes, the odd ice-cap).

The exhibition runs from today until Wednesday 22nd June, 10.00am – 9.00pm daily.

The image above, by Constantine Manos, is of an aqueduct which takes water from the Sierra Moutains to central California.

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