No F1 Parade For 2005

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
No F1 Parade For 2005

There will be no F1 Parade through central London this year.

Last July some 400,000 people took to the streets to watch 8 of the 10 F1 teams drive rather slower than normal through central London in what was touted as a bit of a dress rehearsal for a possible London 'street circuit' Grand Prix.

From what Londonst can remember the event was a bit of a hit, even with all the traffic diversions and the fact that F1 can be a bit boring sometimes.

But according to a Crown Estate spokesperson there will be no parade this year: "Not as far as I know," the spokesman said, adding with a little uncertainty: "I'm sure we would be aware of any plans".

Well you'd like to think so wouldn't you?

Last Updated 30 June 2005