Movement For Considerate Commuters

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Movement For Considerate Commuters

Radio station LBC 93.7 has launched a commuter survey to see what habits they find most offensive on their journeys.

The survey (which is basically what PR people call an interactive marketing campaign) gives you five basic 'gripes' to choose from:

- people who sit spread eagled, taking up too much room.

- people who play their personal stereo too loudly.

- people who share their mobile phone conversation with the rest of the carriage.

- people who have overpowering body smells (B.O., garlic breath etc)

- people who eat food on the tube and leave it for someone else to pick up.

Now, to be honest we can think of plenty more commuter crimes than that (going bare chested at rush hour, reading porn on the tube) but what is nice is the Nominate a Villian section of the site where you can 'name and shame' "a fellow commuter acting in a completely selfish manner to the detriment of other commuters".

We're not sure what LBC are going to do with this information but we're loving the idea of swift vigilante justice being dealt out by 'drive time' presenter Daisy Sampson.

Image of a half-eaten bagel left on the Tube from this Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 07 June 2005