Local Press Awards

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Local Press Awards

Ken Livingstone is a bit obsessed with the media, it's true. In fact you could go as far as saying that he hates journalists and anyone related to the media world.

Which may be why he's now launched the London Local Press Awards to "recognise balanced and accurate coverage of refugee and asylum issues."

An attempt to make amends for his Nazi prison guard jibe of last year, or is Ken simply trying to banish the Daily Mail scaremongering style of reporting once and for all?

Here's what Ken had to say about it:

London is built on successive waves of immigration and diversity is one of the city's great strengths. However, negative media images of refugees and asylum seekers contribute to making them among its most vulnerable residents, facing insecurity, social exclusion and hostility. The media has a responsibility to present a fair and accurate picture of London and these awards aim to recognise those local newspapers, which are acting in a more responsible way.

Ken will be shrugging off his hatred of large, drink-fuelled media parties to present the awards at City Hall on 21 July.

Last Updated 02 June 2005