Let's Go To Coursework

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Let's Go To Coursework

It's probably the best excuse we've ever heard for handing in your A-Level media studies project a bit late: "Please Sir, the police seized my coursework".

Yesterday members of Scotland Yard's special firearms unit "swooped" on a "a gang of young men in smart suits brandishing shooters and brazenly videoing themselves in an east London alleyway" only to discover that the 'hardened gangsters' were actually eight terrified A-level students from King Solomon high school, and the guns they were 'brandishing' had been purchased from a nearby sweet shop.

One of the students said that she "heard people shouting 'get down, get down' and 'against the wall'" but presumed it was her whacky student mates playing a joke. Until, that is, she turned round to find a member of the SO19 pointing a very real gun in her face.

For some reason the students were forced to sign over the tape to the police, which may mean they miss their A-Level coursework deadline. Especially as they have to "report to the police station at 7.30am today to view the video with officers."

We're guessing the police knew what they were doing when they chose such a ludicrously early time.

Last Updated 03 June 2005