I Love London Me...Now Go See My Film.

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
I Love London Me...Now Go See My Film.

What is it about the press and this need they have for US celebrities to fall in love with London?

We know Heat and the like exist on these things, but ever since Madonna relocated here it seems the denizens of 'tabloid world' have made it their life mission to convert every semi-celebrity who travels within the M25 that London is Heaven on Earth and they need to make it their home RIGHT NOW!

For example, Mickey Rourke was apparently evengelising to the press today about how great London is after coming over here to do promo work on Sin City.

At least that's what ITV are claiming. Although the only evidence we could find in their report is this quote from Mickey: "I like it here. I like it a lot better than Los Angeles. I just walk around, hang out, I've got a lot of friends here."

So someone asked him if he liked London then and he basically replied "Yes, kind of".

Now, to be honest you could probably ask Mickey Rourke if he likes the taste of raw gorilla's heart and he's say "Yes, kind of".

So can we put a stop to this no please? We don't need any more mockney, has-been Hollywood castoffs in London, they just take up precious space and claim all the freebies so there's none left for us.

And that's the Royal Family's job.

Last Updated 01 June 2005