Fountain Ban

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Fountain Ban

The end has finally come.

It's strange, the number of times we've gone through Trafalgar Square during the summer and seen the fountains full of children and drunken adults, their trouser legs hoisted up to under their knees and grins on their faces...

...and every time we've thought how great it is that, despite our increasingly litigious culture, there isn't some uniformed jobworth dragging people out of the water.

Well, as of today, there will be.

Signs which warn people that the fountains are "not for public use" will be put up on hot days just in case we have a repeat of the 'Diana Memorial' debacle, and someone slips and rings one of those 'no win no fee' outfits.

According to the council the area will also be "patrolled by heritage wardens" to keep out anyone looking for a quick paddle.

Londonist looks forward to seeing how the wardens wil cope during certain sporting events, such as next year's World Cup in Germany. 28 stone, half-naked football fan versus 'heritage warden'? We know who our money's on.

Image taken from the GLA's website.

Last Updated 02 June 2005