DLR Extension

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DLR Extension
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When the Tube gets it right there's never as much noise made as when they get is spectacularly wrong, so we feel it's our duty to pick up this little news story about Londonist's favourite underground route: the Docklands Light Railway.

Apparently, multinational Amec (you know, they 'deliver and support infrastructure from local technical services to international landmark projects') and the Royal Bank of Scotland have raised between them £20 million needed to extend the line.

Under the plans the DLR will be extended by 2.5km from King George V station near London City Airport, under the Thames to Woolwich, in order to "provide a direct rail connection to the City from London City Airport" and "act as a catalyst for substantial regeneration of Southern Royal Docks".

You can view all the details of the plans here

Last Updated 01 June 2005