Cutting Qees

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Cutting Qees

Anyone who knows Londonist knows we like toys, and our favourite destination for a bit of toy shopping is undoubtedly Playlounge off Kingly Court.

So imagine our excitement when we learned that Playlounge was organising an exhibition of the hideously collectible Qee toys.

To mark the tenth anniversary of their company, Hong Kong-based toy manufacturers Toy2R are currently touring the world with a Qee Expo and it's due to land in London this week.

Featuring 8" and 16" versions, which you will definitely not want to attach to your front door keys, the Qee exhibition will also include special 'DIY' versions of the range as well as numerous other toy geek treats.

The TOY2R DIY World Wide Expo opens on Thursday 9 June at 2.4 Kingly Court, off Carnaby St & Beak St (50 yards from Playlounge). If you want more details you can phone Playlounge on 020 7287 7073.

Last Updated 07 June 2005