Another Tower For The City?

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Another Tower For The City?

We've had the gherkin, the wheel and the glass testicle; we await the cheesegrater and the shard of glass. Now comes, well, um, what should we call it? Tip of asparagus? Twist of lemon?

The excellent has gotten wind of a new tower for the City, to be announced shortly by German fund management company DIFA. If built, it would be the tallest structure in the City by a long way. You can almost hear the sound of drool hitting desktop over on the skyscraper message boards. Here are the details, apparently from a 'senior council source':

Name: DIFA Tower (until it gets an inevitable nickname)
  • Height: 220 m to 230 m (Gherkin is 180 m)
  • Floors: Around 50
  • Location: 6-8 Bishopsgate
  • Where’s that, then?: Very close to the Gherkin and Tower 42, actually. When you add the planned 'Cheesegrater' building, it should form a satisfying cluster.
  • Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox
  • Chance of being built: Fairly good. They say Ken and 'a large number of planning bodies' are behind it.
  • Should I hold my breath?: No. We’re still waiting for the Columbus Tower, The Shard of Glass, The Heron Tower, etc., etc.
  • As you can see, details are still sketchy and no date has been given for either the start of construction or completion. A press release is expected some time next week.

    Photo from; copyright holder, Murphy Jahn Architects.

    Last Updated 17 June 2005