All Together Now...

By sizemore Last edited 163 months ago
All Together Now...

Sung to the tune of Two Little Boys

Two little boys had two little toys

Each had a military force

Gaily they played on a summer's day

Warriors both of course

Now when Iraq had a mishap

Bush needed Tony Blair

The President cried for joy

When he heard his PM say

Do you think I could leave you crying

When there's room in Iraq for two

I'll send the troops to stop your crying

We'll mend up Iraq with glue

Even though we're not really soldiers

We can pretend those men and women are toys

And maybe history will remember

When we were two little boys

A few years passed and war looked to last

Bravely Blair didn't sway

Galloway roared loud amid the American crowd

But the UK troops did stay

Then came a cry, Gordon Brown asked why

Don't we just cancel third world debt?

Blair he agreed and turned to the USA

And he heard his brother say

Do you think I care about them dying?

There's no room in my budget for you

It's your own fault, I'm well known for lying

I only care about the red white and blue

Can't you see George that I'm all a-tremble?

I thought we were friends you seeā€¦

No no that's where you went wrong Tony

The only one I care about is me

Based on a true story. Apologies to Rolf Harris

Last Updated 03 June 2005