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yellow toadflax.jpg

One of Ken's pet projects went live today. Wildweb is beign touted as a searchable database of "140 of London's most important wildlife sites" and includes maps and aerial photographs as well as details of the habitats and species to be found.

It's all part of Ken's biodiversity strategy designed to "make sure everyone can enjoy and learn about the natural world".

So a quick browse informs us that the Thames now holds "over 100 species of fish" as well as "numerous small islands in the upper reaches [that] support important invertebrate communities, including several nationally rare snails, as well as a number of heronries."

And did you know, for example, that the Parkland Walk contains such uncommon plants as "toadflax, black spleenwort and common broomrape"?

We can't find any mention of the much sought after "psilocybe mushrooms" on the site yet, but we're sure it's only a matter of time.

Last Updated 09 May 2005