Vote Glenda: Bash Blair

By london_dan Last edited 167 months ago
Vote Glenda: Bash Blair

We at the Londonist like nothing better than a political rebel. No, hang on. We at the Londonist like quite a lot of things better than a political rebel, but in the world of politics we love them.

And of course there's no better rebel than Oscar winning actress and Labour MP for Hampstead & Highgate Glenda Jackson. She's been on the campaign trail...on an anti-Blair ticket. Yes, that's right; none of this Brian Sedgemore-style party swapping nonsense for our Glenda. No, better to stick with your party while campaigning against your leader. So a vote for Glenda is a vote against Blair. Or something.

"I have been a supporter of the Labour Party far longer than he [Blair]’s been on this earth.

“Leaders come and leaders go. The basic principles of the party have been around a lot longer than Tony Blair. This isn’t a presidential election; you don’t vote for Blair, you vote for Jackson.”

Well, you wouldn't want to argue would you?

Last Updated 03 May 2005