The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within

George Galloway is back in the UK and while this is probably something of a relief to the US Senate, left-wing Americans are sad to see him go. Galloway's stand against republican Norm Coleman has not only made the British MP something of a hero to the American left, but has also brought into sharp relief the rather weak stance that the Democrats have taken of late.

Tony Blair may also be wishing that Galloway had stayed in Washington rather than hear the statement he made on his return to the UK:

"We are the enemy within, Mr Blair, the enemy of all your wars, the enemy of all your betrayals, the enemy of all your lies..."

He went on to call for his party Respect to be "a fighting, militant organisation". Poor old Blair.

For an insight into how New Labour's foot soldiers cope with stuff like this Londonist will be watching The Thick of It tonight at 10.30 on BBC4.

Last Updated 19 May 2005