The Apprentice - The Final

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The Apprentice - The Final

Have you been watching The Apprentice on BBC2?

We fact we might even go as far to say we're slightly addicted to it.

When we heard they were going to import the Donald Trump-fronted version over from the States, and plonk Amstrad supremo Alan Sugar in the big boardroom chair we'll admit we were a bit cynical.

But, contrary to expectations, the Beeb have made a decent job of the whole thing by picking the right contestants, finding interesting stuff for them to do, and not dumbing down the, Sugar is a revelation.

Each week 'The Shug' manages to find a different way of weeding out the hopeful wannabees with his now trademark, no-nonsense style...and the grumpier he gets the more we love him!

Tonight at 9pm, BBC2 are screening the final episode of the series, and the competition for the position of 'Apprentice' (complete with six figure salary) has come down to the final two.

One, Tim is a 26-year-old East-End boy who loves his mum and works as a Transport Manager for London Underground.

The other, Saira, is possibly the most loathsome human being to ever walk the earth.

(Yes, it's been a tough process, but we think we've finally worked out who we want to win.)

This and the Election all in one week? We're not sure our poor hearts can take it.

Last Updated 04 May 2005