Thames to be blinded?

By sizemore Last edited 167 months ago
Thames to be blinded?

Landlords... the rent's extortionate to begin with, then they screw you six months down the line by raising it and seem to have a knack of calling round uninvited and unannounced at just the wrong moment. Londonist then sympathises with The London Eye (as much as you can sympathise with a 135m wheel) which is under threat of eviction tonight after the South Bank Centre demanded a cool £1m - an increase in rent of more than 1500%.

The Eye could be gone in a month unless a settlement can be negotiated.

Londonist always likes to look for the silver lining and seeing as the Eye's record is about to be Shanghaied we'd like to see British Airways, the wheel's operators, go tell the SBC to get stuffed and come up with a plan to relaunch the thing bigger and better than ever.

Maybe make the thing seaworthy and have it spinning tourists up and down the Thames or hurl it into permanent orbit over London like the one in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

It may sound like science fiction, but that's what they used to say about remote chicken fondling.

Seriously though... can you imagine the Thames without the Eye? Burn the Dome by all means, but save our Eye! One of us proposed on it so we have a personal stake in its future and we'd have to edit our logo... Londonist demands this silliness be sorted out now or we'll stage a sit in (as long as we don't have to pay £10 per revolution).

Last Updated 19 May 2005