Richard Wilson's Face 'Too Scary'

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Richard Wilson's Face 'Too Scary'

The next episode of Dr Who (set in London during the blitz, so that's our excuse for writing about it thank you very much) has had to be cut slightly because certain scenes were "too horrible".

The Guardian explains that in one scene a doctor (a real one), played by Richard Wilson, succumbs to a nasty virus, which turns his face into a gas mask. The scene had to be toned down a bit, mainly because of a 'skull cracking' sound effect.

And that's the whole story really...although you could accuse the Guardian of padding out their coverage a little:

The makers of Doctor Who have been forced to cut a scene in which skulls could be heard cracking after BBC bosses decided it was "too horrible".


The series producer, Phil Collinson, said the BBC had decided the scene in which a medical doctor, played by One Foot in the Grave's Richard Wilson, succumbs to the full force of the virus, turning his face into a gas mask, had to be toned down.

"It's a little thing involving the scene with Richard Wilson's character and the gas mask," he said.

The whole sound effect that went with that was a lot more visceral. We watched it for the first time and said that was crossing over the line because it was a bit too horrible."


John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in the episode, agreed it was the scariest so far.

"They had to tone it down a bit because of the sounds of skulls cracking. It was decided it was too graphic by the powers-that-be."

OK! It's the sound effect of the skull cracking. We get it. We'll probably be watching The Phantom Menace over on ITV anway.

Last Updated 18 May 2005