Remembering The Groucho

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Remembering The Groucho
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Today's Independent carries a feature on the (in)famous Groucho club.

Subtitled 20 years of schmoozing and boozing, the article attempts to capture the allure of the media set's favourite members club, so we get the ubiquitous ligger Keith Allen reminiscing about Moby playing the piano while Mick Jones sang a Clash song and "Coldplay and New Order did the backing vocals"...we're sorry we missed it.

The far more amiable Rolan Rivron recounts painful memories of mountain biking down the staircase, while Londonist favourite Robert Elms tells the story of how they ran up theand a colleague once ran up the "biggest bill for two people on a single binge-drinking session that they had ever had at the Groucho":

Our bar bill totalled up to 78 bottles of Becks, one bottle of Champagne and a sandwich...they had it framed up on the wall for ages.

Elsewhere Janet Street Porter tells how Courtney Love wanted to shag her, Toby Young talks about having sex in the toilets, and Melvyn Bragg evangelises about the Cumbrian pianist Rod.

We're curious to know if any of our readers are, or have ever been, Groucho members (we doubt it), so please let us know.

Last Updated 03 May 2005