Lost Alaska

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Lost Alaska

London's regular birds are sharing their air space with a slightly more spectacular feathered friend after a bald eagle made its escape from a bird sanctuary. The eagle, named Alaska, is actually Canadian by birth but we expect will be brow beaten by local pigeons that mistake her for an American and blame her for the Bush re-election.

The eagle's owners have said the bird is "friendly" and are of course concerned about her safety as she could be anywhere in the north-east London, Kent, Essex or even Suffolk areas. Police are urging the public to report any sightings:

"We would advise the public not to approach her and instead to contact police or the Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre direct on 01322 866577 or 07712 866743."

Leave it to the Standard then to go for the alarmist jugular with A giant bird of prey is roaming the skies of the South-East after escaping from a sanctuary - and it is looking for its next meal...

Seeing as bald eagles (haliaeetus leucocephalus) are partial to rodents we'd advise Standard journalists (halitosis leech-phallus) to watch the skies...

Last Updated 23 May 2005