Keiller's London

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Keiller's London

Something we should have mentioned at the start of this week is the release of Patrick Keiller's film London on DVD.

The film is a "a provocative film essay in the form of a journal, recording fictitious journeys through a very real city," and is available as of this week in a double-disc digipack along with Keiller's equally cultish sequel Robinson in Space.

Shot in 1992 London documents the capital during the period in which John Major was re-elected, the IRA bombing campaign was in full flow and the 'fall of the house of Windsor' was in its initital stages.

The film follows a fictional narrator, played by Paul Scofield who provides the more personal insights into the city.

Of course there's also some cracking extras to be had on the DVD, including a full colour booklet containing essays by Mike Hodges and Iain Sinclair (incidentally, look out for an interview with Mr Sinclair on Londonist very soon).

If you want to read more then you should click here for a recent Guardian article by Keiller, here for an interview with the director from Frieze magazine and here for a rundown of Keiller's career from Moving

Last Updated 27 May 2005