Man, I Feel Like A Complete Mug

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Man, I Feel Like A Complete Mug

It's a very modern quandry: if a man pays £279 for two tickets to a Shania Twain concert, who should be punished: the man who sold him the (horribly overpriced) tickets or the man who was stupid enough to buy them?

Ok, so we're being a little facetious but seriously: nearly three hundered quid to see Shania Twain at Wembley Arena, one of the worst venues in the city?

According to the papers the "Bexleyheath man" who paid Get Me Tickets the ungodly amount was actually shocked to discover that their face value was just £50 when he received them in the post.

He contacted the company for a full refund, but when they refused he contacted trading services and received a refund from the credit card company. Meanwhile Get me Tickets director, Michael Rangos, has been charged under the Price Indications (Resale of Tickets) Regulations 1994.

Don't get us wrong, we loathe rip off merchants as much as anyone else but aren't these 'hard to get' ticket sites basicallly online touts? Anyone who saw Channel 4's Touts on Tour documentary at the end of last year would know to that it's very much a case of 'buyer beware' when dealing with those kind of outfits.

Last Updated 17 May 2005