God Help Us If There's A War etc

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God Help Us If There's A War etc

The owners of the For Your Eyes Only poledancing school must be rubbing their hands with glee this morning.

Why? Because, fortunately for them, their West End training academy was the one chosen by 23-year-old Stephanie Hulme, the RAF aircraftswoman who was given over two grand by the army to retrain as a poledancer.

"The RAF is obliged to help you prepare for work away from the military and has people to help you choose a career or trade," says Miss Hulme in today's papers. "Most people opt for things like plumbing or electrical work, but that didn't appeal to me."

Well, how many plumbers can say they've had twenty pound notes stuffed down their smalls by bored city types? Not many we'd hope.

As you can imagine, some sections of the political arena are none too happy about this. Here's the Conservative defence spokesman, Patrick Mercer:

While the resettlement package is very important to help servicemen and women back on to civvy street I do think there is a limit. The MoD has lost sight of its priorities on this one.

There are so many bad puns about 'keeping your eyes on a poledancer's priorities' running through our heads right now it's untrue.

Last Updated 09 May 2005