Galloway's Girls

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Galloway's Girls
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Just when you thought the whole George Galloway saga couldn't get any worse better...along comes his wife!

This weekend 'Gorgeous George' was handed a piece of paper by a representative of the Sunday Times informing him that his wife would be announcing her intention of divorcing him in the next day's paper.

The Bethnal Green candidate and leader of the Respect Coalition has been married to Palestinian-born Amineh Abu-Zayyad for five years, but recently the 39-year-old scientist has "received a number of phone calls from women who claim to have had romantic links with [Galloway]".

As you'd imagine, George has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this:

Galloway has tried to smooth things over by telling her it is a plot by an unnamed intelligence service to discredit him.

Those damned unnamed intelligence services! You'd think they'd have better things to do wouldn't you?

Over the weekend, Galloway was quoted as saying that "This is a private matter. It has clearly been raised by The Sunday Times to damage me in the election on Thursday and is a measure of the desperation in ‘new Labour’ circles at the danger of them losing the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency."

Last Updated 03 May 2005