Doherty Evicted

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Doherty Evicted

It's that time already: time for the Londonist 'Monthly Pete Doherty Story' (at this rate we may have to create a special Doherty category for the archive).

This time it seems that 'Calamity Pete' has been evicted from his flat because his neighbours aren't too pleased with this "loud, all-night parties."

According to reports Doherty was kicked out of his flat in "the Islington area of the capital" (weird, we thought he lived near Stepney) and has been forced to hole up in a nearby B&B.

If you're really really interested in Doherty and his ragtag bunch of sycophants then you should tune in to Stalking Pete Doherty at 10 tonight on Channel 4. There you will witness the human turd that is Max Carlish as he tries to insert himself and a DV camera up Doherty's rectum.

Last Updated 17 May 2005