Caravan Of Love

By Rob Last edited 164 months ago
Caravan Of Love

Londonist is looking forward to popping into Trafalgar Square on its way home tonight to see the first of Ken's art installations in it's new setting.

Our Little Corner of the Earth is a work by a group of art students collectively known as Little Death. It's also a caravan.

A 1956 Safari caravan to be precise, which is intended to illustrate the “prejudices held against people who make a caravan their home" (this might explain why the Standard's report on the installation is exceptionally brief).

As well as being decked out as though currently occupied, the caravan also features a flower garden, an oversized welcome mat and a "huge pile of rubbish sacks".

The caravan sounds good, but we're actually more excited by Talvin Singh's project to be displayed later in the year: an "experiment in re-mixing the sounds of London".

And if Traflagar Square is a bit our of your way then you can always keep an eye out for the art caravan on the Square's webcam.

Last Updated 26 May 2005