Cannabis Rally

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Cannabis Rally

"Hey man, check out the massive lion statue. I bet you could make a really wicked bong out of that."

The annual pro-cannabis rally which normally takes place in Brockwell park has found itself a much more prominent location for 2005's event, taking place this Sunday.

The Cannabis Education Rally was banned from taking place in Brixton by Lambeth Council who claimed drug dealers had been present at past events (you can't blame them really can you? Captive audience and all that).

As an alternative the Cannabis Trust have managed to pull a few strings over at Scotland Yard and the GLA and a route which begins in Russell Square and culminates in Trafalgar Square has been agreed on.

The rally will begin at 1pm and the fun begins in Trafalgar Square from 3pm and goes on until 7pm...or until the jaffa cakes run out, whichever comes first.

Last Updated 09 May 2005