Bendy Bus Boarding: Branded Bollocks

By Rob Last edited 164 months ago
Bendy Bus Boarding: Branded Bollocks

Will the Routemaster versus Bendy Bus saga never end?

In today's news is the riveting account of complaints regarding Transport for London claims that the boarding times on the number 73 bendy route were quicker than the old Routemaster buses.

Still awake?

Apparently posters and leaflets distributed by TfL had stated bendy was better because boarding times would be improved.

An Advertising Standards investigation, however, has shown "that the time taken for passengers to pass through the doors of bendy buses was equal or shorter to the time taken on double deck Routemasters."

Shocking news, we'll sure you'll agree.

There's also a bit of confusion over whether borarding time means the amount of time it takes for passengers to get on, or the amount of time it takes for the bus to get moving again...but if you want to read about that then you'll have to click the link because it's too early in the morning for us to get into bus specifics.

The upshot is that TfL are now unable to say that buses are "getting better from every angle". But what we want to know is who made the complaint to the ASA in the first place...our money's on a Routemaster obsessive, you wouldn't like them when they're angry.

Last Updated 11 May 2005