And The Beach Goes On

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
And The Beach Goes On

Remember the South Bank Beach project? Remember how it got tied up in bureaucratic knots thanks to Lambeth Council?

Well the council were supposed to finally get round to giving their approval to the project yesterday but, wouldn't you know it, they cocked up again.

The problem this time? Councillors "failed to visit the site beside the London-Eye before their meeting". Which means they won't get around to it now until the beginning of June, giving the organisers only a couple of weeks to get the beach in place if they get the nod.

Of course this was the problem last time - Kate Hoey et al thought it was necessary to see the proposed site but didn't have the time to get down to Hungerford Coach Park.

Ok, it's fair enough that they should look at this thing from all angles, after all it's bound to cause some disruption to somebody (they're planning to install strips of decking containing sandpits, as well as a cafe and "water spray area"). But how hard is it to jump on a bus and get down there for a look round?

We know the South Bank can be confusing at times, what with all those passages and staircases and subways, but surely the councillors for Lambeth should know there way around by now.

What is it with the South Bank? First the Eye and now this. Is it built on an ancient burial ground or something?

We know we keep harping on about this bloody beach but this summer is going to a scorcher by all accounts and we'd quite like somewhere where we can go and enjoy a bit of a barebque and watch some films...oooh, it makes us mad!

Last Updated 26 May 2005