Transport In London Is A Rip Off Apparently!

By Rob Last edited 212 months ago
Transport In London Is A Rip Off Apparently!

Have we moaned about the transport system in London enough today?

Maybe...but, hey, if the news is there we have to report it right?

Today a new study by the RMT union has revealed just how much more expensive travel in London is compared to other European cities.

The study compared combined rail and metro fares across different regions. Here's what it found:

- An annual travelcard covering London's 15-mile radius costs £1,580. In Madrid you would pay £507 for a 40-mile radius; £819 for a 40-mile zone in Berlin; and £946 for 20 miles around Paris.

- A London-Brighton season ticket is £2,952 and London to Milton Keynes is £3,284. Compare that to a "go-anywhere" travelcard in the Netherlands costing £1,383, or £2,047 to travel as much as you want around Germany for a year.

- The most expensive commuter towns for travel into London are Potter's Bar and Watford while Kings Lyn and Watlington are the cheapest.

- And finally, the cost of Tube travel in zones 1 to 3 rose by up to three times the rate of inflation in January of this year. While some Silverlink mainline services into Euston rose by 7.2 per cent.

The RMT is, rather predictably, blaming privatisation for the price hikes...another thing you won't find any mention of in the Conservative, London Manifesto.

Last Updated 28 April 2005