The Real Eastenders?

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
The Real Eastenders?

Thanks to our friends over at Rat & Mouse for pointing out this one to us: TV production company Shed Productions are currently seeking "colourful families to take part in the biggest and most challenging reality TV show ever".

And the location for this brave social experiment? The east end of London.

According to the Guardian a purpose-built community is currently being constructed on a derelict plot in the east end, with filming due to start this year, and the programme running until Christmas 2006. Sky One are the favourites to actually broadcast it.

The 'concept' behind the programme is to "combine traditional fly-on-the-wall techniques and anthropological sensibilities with the mainstream appeal of Big Brother".

So while particpants will escape the cameras while at work and school, all their home lives will be entirely documented and then edited down into three half-hourly programmes a week.

No word yet on prizes or whether or not the families get paid for their trouble...but we're assuming they must recieve some kind of remuneration for being slowly ripped apart live on national television.

Expect Londonist to be very snooty about the whole thign just before it begins and then completely engrossed less than a week in. Hell, we may just recruit soemone to blog about this one programme for us.

Last Updated 21 April 2005