The Marathon - All You Need To Know

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The Marathon - All You Need To Know

With the 25th London Marathon taking place on Sunday we thought we'd give you a few of the most useful and interesting links we could find to put you in the long-distance frame of mind.

First off, obviously, it's the official site which, among other things, has a detailed list of pubs around the course, and a nice PDF map of the route.

Then there's there's the BBC site which has all the usual broadcast trivia ("With 35 cameras, six bikes, two helicopters and an aeroplane covering the course, you will not miss a step") and then we move on to the serious competitors such as Britain's number one male and, of course, the Paula and Susan Chepkemei rivalry.

It gets a little more crazy with the two American women who are planning three marathaons on two continents in 36 hours. But then we move on to the celebs, and we can tell you that there's a bit of a Soap battle going on this year with Chris 'Spencer Moon' Parker, verus the Emmerdale contingent lead by Chris 'Eric Pollard' Chittell.

Also competing are Sir Steve Redgrave and James Cracknell, Gail Porter, Anthea Turner, Lorraine Kelly and Jo Brand.

And finally - the nutters in the huge costumes. Today's Telegraph has a quick review of John Bryant's book The London Marathon: The History of the Greatest Race on Earth which, among other things, can tell you what the fastest time for a pantomime horse is (4hr 37min). And John also provides our favourite quote of the week so far:

There's that millionth of a per cent chance that someone dressed as a chicken will run a blinder.

If you're after more trivia then check out This is London's marathon facts page and Eurosport's history of the race.

And last but not least, don't forget Londonist's official marathon runner Jim Green, who's sponsorship page can be found here.

Last Updated 15 April 2005