<i>Take me out to the black...</i>

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<i>Take me out to the black...</i>

Brace yourselves... The trailer for Serenity is online.

It's ok. We'll still be here when you get back. Go and see a few snippets of what we're expecting to be the best film of 2005.

Joss Whedon may have been gone from the Londonist TV screen for a while now, and although the Buffy and Angel DVDs are fun to dip into, it's only his cancelled Sci-Fi show, Firefly, that we ever intend to watch a single episode of only to end up not moving for the rest of the day.

We can't even imagine that a single Londonist reader won't already have the boxset, but just in case anyone out there has a friend that needs educating about what makes good Sci Fi as opposed to that Jedi crap we are always running down then you can always point them over here.

Serenity opens here in the UK on the 4th of November, but take a tip from us - flights to New York are cheap right now and it opens there at the end of September...

Update: You can watch the 'fullscreen' version of the trailer without needing to have crappy iTunes installed by clicking here.

Last Updated 27 April 2005

Mark Walley

There's a region 2 version of it now? Why does no-one tell me about this?


Hey Mark - yep the region 2 version has been out for a while BUT the packaging on the region 1 boxset is much better.

The American set has those neat ultra thin indivudal cases for each disc (like in the Herzog/Kinski boxset) but the region 2 box is just filled with those crappy inserted disk holders - the first DVD being hidden under the booklet and Buffy ads...

Mark Walley

I guess I'll just have to switch my new Region 2 dvd's into the old region 1 boxes. Bring on the 4th of november!