Science Museum Needs £3 Million

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
Science Museum Needs £3 Million

The chairman of trustees for the Science Museum, Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, has written to the Daily Telegraph to warn that the museum may have to sell off its Imperial College library to stay out financial trouble.

After already closing four galleries and cutting back on staff (which has led to at least one significant theft), the museum is asking for an additional £3 million on top of its current grant in order to stay out of the red.

But they're going to have to work on Tesssa Jowell who recently held a private meeting with the trustees and was "unimpressed" by therr figures:

"She also blames the museum for failing to attract the gifts and levels of sponsorship raised by other museums and galleries."

The library, which contains around a million books, manuscripts and periodicals, "including first editions of Galileo, Newton and Einstein" is in dire straits thanks to the service charge levied by Imperial College (currently £288,000).

The musuems's current events calendar is here (it's free to get in remember) and you can visit their donation page here.

Last Updated 06 April 2005