Raindancing Tonight!

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Raindancing Tonight!

Tonight sees the launch of the Raindance East Film Festival at the Genesis Mile End with Danny Boyle's Millions:

Eight-year-old Damian Cunningham is almost killed by an enormous bag of cash that falls from the sky. It’s all sterling, and as Britain is converting to the Euro in just twelve days’ time, he needs to spend it quick. Damian believes that the money was sent from God (who else would have that kind of money?) and decides to give it away to the poor. However, his selfish older brother Anthony wants to spend it all on himself. What they don’t know is that the money is actually the fruit of a bungled robbery and the thieves want it back.

Newcomer Alex Etel is charming and captivating in his first lead role and he shares a remarkable chemistry with his on-screen older brother Lewis McGibbon. James Nesbitt, who plays the boys’ loving and wise father, proves once again that he is a great British talent. Shot by Anthony Dod Mantle, the film is vibrant and lustrous, eschewing any clichéd depiction of a muted and grey northern England. Millions may seem like a strange choice for Danny Boyle, the director of edgy films about zombies, heroin addicts and lost beaches, but his latest film proves that he is not all monsters and Iggy Pop. Millions is a touching, funny, and magical film that lives up to the director’s talent and creative vision.

The screening will be followed by a party at the George Tavern. Free entry for Millions ticket holders.

Londonist will be on hand to say "SHUSH!" to anyone making too much noise with their popcorn and covering as much of the festival as we can in conjunction with LA's Cinema Minima.

We'll be the ones at Sunday's Q&A with Mr Boyle, waving our hands in the air and asking him questions about zombies and the Trainspotting sequel.

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