Panic On The Streets Of Holloway

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Panic On The Streets Of Holloway

With construction well under way at Arsenal's new Ashburton Grove stadium, everything looks set for it to become one of the best stadiums in the country to watch football. That's of course assuming you'll actually be able to get there to watch a game of football in the first place.

It appears that instead of Drayton Park station and Holloway Road tube being upgraded as planned to the tune of £7.5m from the club for the opening of the stadium, they will in fact not be upgraded to the tune of £7.5m from the club for the opening of the stadium.

The Evening Standard in fact reports that Holloway Road will be exit-only, while Drayton Park will be completely shut on match days. Which somewhat scuppers the council's hopes that no more than 20% of supporters would be driving to the ground.

London transport commissioner Bob Kiley has revealed that the layout of the Holloway Road tube station made it "impossible" to operate with heavy football traffic and that discussions on increasing the station's capacity had been suspended after they realised it would be "extremely expensive".

But never mind folks, help is at hand in the form of a TfL spokesman who has revealed that "robust plans" were in place to deal with the increased number of fans. However, we're left to guess what these robust plans are. The Londonist suspects that they have very little to do with imaginative cycle schemes and the like, and very much to do with lots of police and shouty stewards.

Last Updated 22 April 2005