Meanwhile in New London

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Meanwhile in New London

A while back we mentioned what was going on with the other London Bridge and in a similar vein we also like keep an eye on developments in Londons that find themselves flung far away from this, their namesake. New London, Connecticut, caught our attention tonight when we were a little surprised to read the following in the Greenwich Time:

A state-owned commuter bus explodes in a giant fireball and thunderclap, bringing down a building near the shore of the Thames River. Hundreds are killed or injured. Attendees of a nearby festival are splayed across the ground, convulsing and bellowing for help amid the wreckage of tattered white tents or lie still in the middle of the road. Others are trapped in the building's rubble...


Normally that should have knocked the Election/Necro-Pope/Royal Wedding repetition from the news headlines, but it seems the whole thing was just a $16 million terrorist attack drill. Did we just say just $16 million? Even in limp dollars that's a pretty packet. Our own anti terrorist measures only seem to come into action when the Fathers 4 Justice climb onto something or a Dalek gets lost on the way to Parliament.

The only thing resembling a terrorist drill in our London currently comes at the finale of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle at the Coliseum when Brunnhilde takes the stage as a suicide bomber and leaves the audience cleaning viscera from their opera glasses.

We can only hope that when the real terrorists finally show up Londoners reactions aren't muted to simply polite applause and a sniffy review in the broad sheets.

Last Updated 06 April 2005