Jim Green - Marathon Man: Diary Entry No 3

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Jim Green - Marathon Man: Diary Entry No 3

With the London Marathon this weekend it's time for one last, quick post from Londonist's Official Marathon Runner: Jim Green.

As well as sporting a very amateurish-looking Londonist sticker around the 26 mile course, the 33 year old book designer from Twickenham, will be running for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

So after you've read this post why not visit his sponsoship page and donate a quid or two?

So it’s now nearly here - the big day. Only a week left, a culmination of more or less five months of dark early morning runs, icy Sunday morning two and a half hour plods and countless evenings on the sofa with my legs strapped up in ice.

My charity vest has arrived with my full name on it. I figured if the crowd are going to call my name I will definitely know its me if they shout "Come on Jim Green" or more likely "Hoi beardy your face is like a betroot stop skipping you pansy".

The training is slowing right down now. Did my last final big run over a week and a half ago, just over 18 miles, so I'm feeling quietly confident with that distance under my belt.

So now it’s what they call ‘carb loading’ which means I can eat as much pasta, brown rice, bread, bagels, veg, fruit etc as I like... oh and chocolate of course, but within reason. This means lots of loafing around the house breaking wind and not doing much else..nice!

I had a proper look at the course earlier today in my official 'marathon news' mag that came in the post recently with my race number.

It’s across three spreads, an aerial photo of the course with a graphic blue line to show the mile markers etc. It was at that moment, when I saw where I had to run and how far, that the nerves set in. Still I am sure on the day it will all be fine and the crowd will carry me along...let’s pray for sunshine!

Last Updated 11 April 2005