Londonist Plays Poker - Wish Us Luck

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Londonist Plays Poker - Wish Us Luck

Tonight Londonist editors Rob and Euan will be chancing their arm in the Coral European Poker Open.

Don't be too impressed, it's only the 'media tournament', so it's £500 to the charity of your choice and a nice little trophy if you win. But, still...a trophy!

There's 60 players taking part in the Open up at the Gutshot club on the Farringdon Road, but the real competition will be between Euan and Rob to see who can stay in the tournament the longest. We'll get a write-up on here as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for us. We really really want that trophy.

Last Updated 04 April 2005