Londonist On The Streets

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Londonist On The Streets

Londonist is very proud to announce that, as of next week, a little bit of our humble online presence will be transferred on to the tough streets of the capital.

On 14 April the new, independent paper for London, the London Line, will hit the presses and Londonist is very happy to be involved.

We covered the news that the London Line was on it way back in early March, but in case you've forgotten here's the major details: it's free, it's weekly, it will be distributed outside tube stations on Thursday afternoons, and it's modelled on the US alternative papers such as the Village Voice and the SF Bay Guardian, so it will be a more-than-welcome alternative to the Metro (or the 'Daily Mail Lite' as it's known round here).

Each week the London Line will feature a Londonist column based around what we do here really. So we implore you to go out and pick up the first edition as it might be worth thousands in years to come.

And if you see someone reading our column on the Tube or at their desk you can lean over and say:

"I was into Londonist before it was cool you know."

Last Updated 07 April 2005


Of course, you've missed out the one crucial detail. Where will we be able to get a copy? Will it follow in the footsteps of Metro and run out by about 7.15am at most suburban stations?


I get the bus to and from work - can you stick a bundle in the Camberwell Bus Depot? ;)


Apologies - crucial info now added:

"it will be distributed outside tube stations on Thursday afternoons..."


This is good stuff! I used to read the Village Voice when I lived in NY, so a similar London paper is very welcome.

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