Ken Versus The Metro - Round 2

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Ken Versus The Metro - Round 2

Well it really does seem to be 'Free London papers day' today.

First of all there's all the London Line news (did we mention what a great alternative paper that is yet?).

Then there's the announcement by the Office of Fair Trading confirming that Associated Newspapers, has agreed to give up its exclusive rights to the afternoon and evening 'tube slots'.

And now Ken has said that he wants to go one step further and and go for the hat trick:

"Of course, the exclusivity for morning distribution has not been lifted and we will reserve our right to press for this to be removed."

Of course it's no secret that Ken hates Associated Newspapers so we don't doubt his conviction on this fact we positively encourage it.

Maybe now he could go one stage further and pass a legislation which means that each time the Metro logo appears it has to feature Ken's smiling face peeping out from the middle of the letter 'O'.

Now that's something which would certainly cheer us up in the morning.

Last Updated 07 April 2005