Hollywood Star Of The Week

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Hollywood Star Of The Week

Yes it's that time again: time to welcome another American star to our shores to 'tread the boards', 'get back to their theatrical roots' and 'fall in love with their craft all over again'.

This time it's a West End production of A Few Good Men, the 1992 film which starred Tom Cruise and Jack 'You Can't Handle The Truth' Nicholson.

The stage adaptation has been written by West Wing genius Aaron Sorkin, so it makes sense that he's gone for ex-West Wing star Rob Lowe to fill the Cruise role.

We wish Lowe all the luck in the world with his West End debut...and we promise not to mention that 'other film' he made in 1988.

A Few Good Men opens at the Haymarket Theatre in September.

Last Updated 25 April 2005