Hilarious New Gnomes

By Rob Last edited 227 months ago
Hilarious New Gnomes

Slow news day? Thank God then for novelty, election-themed gnomes!

The story starts at UKTV Style Gardens, the incredibly popular...erm...gardening channel.

A survey by the channel recently found that 1 in 10 British homes still own a gnome, and so the brainiacs at UKTV set out to deliver a modern replacement for the traditional 'tacky' garden gnome.

The result: three, specially commissioned, high specification hand-crafted gnomes of Tony Blair, Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy.

According to to UKTV these political gnomes are "quality works of art, designed to withstand adverse weather conditions – or any amount of mud slinging!"

Now that's satire folks!

And it gets better:

You’ll have no problems recognising each one. Our Tony Blair model is digging around for non-existent weapons of mass destruction. For those with an influx of snails and other garden beasties, there’s the scary Michael Howard gnome holding a “Keep Out” sign. And for the more relaxed, there’s a rather tired Scot sitting on a fence, supping from a glass of ginger beer!

Why would you not want these things adorning your front garden?

There is actually a competition on the site to win a set of the gnomes, so if you can be bothered to register and answer the insultingly easy question please do. We'd love it if a Londonist reader ended up with these things.

Last Updated 26 April 2005