Guardian Free Paper For London?

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Guardian Free Paper For London?

It looks like the Guardian Newspapers group might be about to wade in to the free London paper market, if recent reports are anything to go by.

Apparently the group has "registered its interest in bidding for the upcoming London Underground distribution contract" but this does not necessarily mean they will bid for the spot...which we guess makes them 'media window shoppers'.

If they do decide to launch something they will be going up against Associated Newspapers and Richard Desmond's lot. But is should be remembered that, for all the jip they give them, the Guardian do actually work with AP in Manchester where they co-publish the Metro.

And talking of free papers, don't forget that thr second issue of the London Line comes out today, with a brand new Londonist column.

Last Updated 21 April 2005