Galloway With The Fairies?

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Galloway With The Fairies?

George Galloway squared up to Labour's Oona King in Bethnal Green this week in the first of what is bound to be a bruising series of clashes between the New Labour candidate and George’s Respect Party.

When asked about the problem of drugs in the constituency, George answered in a way which suggests that he might still be a bit upset over that whole Iraq war business:

"If the Royal Navy was not patrolling the coast of the Persian Gulf but patrolling the coast of Great Britain there would be fewer boats arriving every night landing junk on our shores that ends up in the veins of our young people."

Londonist has since gained access to Galloway’s briefing notes for the meeting and can exclusively reveal how the moustachioed one planned to answer questions on other pressing subjects, such as:

Litter: If there weren’t so many American soldiers in Iraq right now then maybe there’d be a few more patrolling the streets over here, threatening to shoot people who drop Snickers wrappers willy nilly.

Funding for housing: If they weren’t bombing so many houses in Iraq then maybe there’d be a few more builders over here building stuff and having hilarious adventures, you know, like they do on Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

Transport and the environment: Traffic jams would present no problems if we all had tanks to drive around in. But where are all the tanks? Yep, you guessed it, they’re over in Iraq. Maybe if there weren’t so many heavily armoured vehicles over there then we could all get home in time for Neighbours once in a while.

Last Updated 12 April 2005