Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed?

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed?

The Chief Executive of the tube maintenance firm Metronet is today looking for a new job. But did he quit or was he sacked?

Well it depends which news report you read.

For example, go here and you get London Tube maintenance boss quits, and this explanation:

John Weight is going because its board had decided the group “needed to accelerate change” in its controversial public-private partnership (PPP) renovation programme on the Underground.

But go here and it's a different story: Tube boss is sacked.

John Weight was axed in a boardroom coup after Metronet's "totally unacceptable" performance over engineering failures which have brought misery to millions of commuters.

A bit of new blood to get things moving, or a boardroom ambush that resembles a scene from Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar? We'll let you decide, but what we do know for sure is that Weight is being replaced by Andrew Lezala, chief operating officer from Jarvis.

And the only thing you can say about Jarvis' safety record is that it's 'consistent'.

Last Updated 13 April 2005