Car Scratching Hoax

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Car Scratching Hoax

Well done to Londonist reader 'Ian', who rightly predicted that the car scratching/art story we reported on yesterday was indeed a hoax.

As the BBC reports today, full-time self-publicist Mark McGowan, had "taken pictures of himself scratching vehicles' paintwork in Glasgow and London", however, the cars had already been keyed, "and the photos were 'staged'".

So why did he do it?

To "highlight the plight of people who have had their cars scratched," apparently.

But 'unfortunately' the project "spiralled out of control", McGowan's family and friends shunned him and the public (some of whom read this website apparently) wanted to "rip his head off".

Unfortunately, Ian's other prediction (that McGowan may also announce "that he is a twat"), has yet to come true.

Last Updated 19 April 2005


So, more or less of a tosser then was previously thought?



Tosser rating holding steady at "Yes". But the comments in the piece make him sound like a pathetic tosser to boot:

He said it had been an art project that had gone "horribly wrong" and said he was "very, very sorry".

"I never keyed any cars...the whole thing has just been a nightmare," he added.


Oh, I know he's still a tosser, I was just wondering whether his total tosser quotient had gone up or down:

Does keying someone's car and claiming that it's valid artistic expression make you more or less of a tosser than pretending you did to get a bit of attention?


I thank you *takes a bow*