Ads For The Tube And Ads On The Tube

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Ads For The Tube And Ads On The Tube

Transport for London has just put its £15 million "media planning and buying account" up for grabs, which gives us a good excuse to look at lots of old, fantastic images that TfL have used in the past.

Like these for instance:


If you fancy throwing your hat into the arena for the TfL job then you should remember that you will be competing with a back catalogue that includes people like Man Ray. Although, to be honest, give us a packet of crayons and some double-sided sticky tape and we could do better than the atrocious 'Big Brother' style ads they came out with last year.

And while we're on the subject of adverts and the tube, the first seven advertisers to sign up for the Viacom "Digital Escalator Panels" (or Tube Tellies as we call them) have been announced. They include British Airways, O2, Direct Line, 20th Century Fox and the British Museum.

Apparently the Tube Tellies will use a combination of five-second and ten-second spots on both sides of the escalators at Tottenham Court Road which "will rotate on a 60-second loop running throughout the day".

God help you if your escalator grinds to a halt during rush hour and you're forced to listen to that Direct Line jingle over and over and over and over...

Last Updated 12 April 2005