Window Wipers Get Shirty

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Window Wipers Get Shirty

Noone likes having their windscreen pounced upon by unsolicited, sponge-wielding opportunists, but generally we put up with it as just another part of living in a big city.

But what happens when the 'squeegee gangs' get violent (there's a Channel 5 documentary title if we've ever heard one)?

Apparently this is what's happening on Green Lanes at the junction of the North Circular Road.

According to the local papers, "menacing squeegee' mobs" are terrorising motorists in the area, demanding money and striking car windows with the metal end of their cleaners.

This particular junction is apparently a vulnerable one because there's always a long line of stationary traffic in the area (while the rest of London fair zooms along obviously).

Have you witnessed shirty squeegee gangs? Have you felt the wrong end of a windscreen cleaner? Let us know.

Last Updated 17 March 2005